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QuantumFly is the world’s first specialized platform for knowledge sourcing for individuals by individuals.

It offers opportunities for coaching, speaking, researching, innovating, resourcing, consulting, training and publishing.

Its motto is “Leveraging Talents, Connecting Minds”.

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What is Knowledge Sourcing and why is it perfect for all the talented folks?

We have been talking about Knowledge Sourcing for quite some time now. Many of our followers have asked us for a definition for the same. So we decided to prepare this blog post to address that.

Knowledge Sourcing is the process by which organizations and individuals who are in search of certain expertise can avail them by connecting with the right individuals.

The infographic will explain it in detail so that you are clear and can leverage your talent or knowledge to achieve your goals.

So we welcome all the talented folks across the globe to visit and request for an invite today.

QuantumFly is world’s 1st specialized knowledge sourcing platform for all the talent across the globe.








Top 10 challenges faced by freelancers and their solution


The growth of freelance workforce is on the rise across the globe. According to this report, there are 53 million Americans (which is 34% of the working population) are freelancing. Many experts have already predicted that this trend is going to go upwards here onward. It is exciting to observe a large number of talented folks moving towards freelance work model for utilization of their skills.

While all this statistics are exhilarating, there are several challenges which most of the freelancers face when they run their show. We have selected the top 10 challenges (according to QuantumFly) and provide our solution to those. Here are the top 10 challenges freelancers face:

  1. Bad clients & their effects: Every freelancer would have faced this challenge at least once in their career. Bad clients can refer to the ones who are unclear about the goals, who doesn’t pay on time, who are mean for some reason, who are unresponsive etc. It is tough to deal with such clients on a regular basis for anyone.
  2. Ever-changing requirements of the clients: In many scenarios, freelancers face this challenge of their client changing the requirements in the midst of the assignment. While starting off, the client might have asked for a particular output; but in due course of time, they might ask the freelancer to deliver something extra or even something different altogether. This can be pretty time-consuming and frustrating for the freelancer.
  3.  Multi-tasking on the fly: A freelancer has to be a jack of all trades most of the times. He has to acquire clients, manage the relationship, deliver the work and maintain client’s happiness quotient. Need not say, he/she has to follow up for the payment as well. This makes the task of being a freelancer a daunting one.
  4. Unrealistic deadline pressures: Most of the freelancers have clients who are very pressurizing with the deadline for the assignments. Most of the clients expect the work to be completed in a much faster fashion and always set unrealistic deadlines. This is a pain for freelancers and they have to fire with extra cylinders to meet these deadlines.
  5. Relentless Networking: Every freelancer always feels overwhelmed by the task of continuous networking he/she has to undertake. This networking is a mandatory task for them to acquire new clients and attracting more business. Sometimes this can prove a real daunting task for most of the freelancers.
  6. Tussle with various payment methods: This is one of the major challenges faced by freelancers across the globe. Freelancers might operate via various websites or even clients who will be having a specific set of payment methods which might not be compatible with his/her system. This can lead to extra cost pressures and efforts for the freelancer so that he can process payments on time.
  7. Currency fluctuations effects: Most of the freelancers face this challenge of having a  different currency compared to their clients. While currency values keep fluctuating, sometimes freelancers end up on the losing side when it comes to project value.
  8. Negotiation skills: Every freelancer should possess one skill for his or her success- Negotiation. Clients can be very pushy when it comes to project pricing, so negotiation skills can help a freelancer at times like that. A good negotiation skill can help a freelancer to get the right value for his offerings.
  9. Never ending client hunting: Prospecting for new clients is one of the major challenges for every freelancer. It takes up a major amount of time for every freelancer. Finding the right avenues for right prospects, connecting with them, convincing and converting them as clients is a daunting task.
  10. Cash Management & Handling: As every freelancer is a self-sufficient organization by themselves, they have to manage their finances as well. They have to send invoices to clients on time, follow up and collect the payment. This demands a lot of time, discipline, and efforts from every freelancer.

Now it can be assumed, being a freelancer is not an easy job. It requires lots of planning, skills and focus.

What freelancers need today is a platform which can tackle most of these challenges for them and let them do their job; which is helping their clients accomplish their goals. 

Where can all the freelancers across the globe find a platform like that?

We present to all of them, QuantumFly. QuantumFly is world’s 1st specialized sharing economy platform for knowledge sourcing. Every talented freelancer can leverage his/her talent here without having to worry about any of the challenges mentioned above.

QuantumFly takes care of bringing clients for them, payment instruments, smooth deadlines, well-agreed assignments and much more. So we invite all talented freelancers to visit and join this new revolution.

“Leveraging Talents, Connecting Minds” is our motto.






The Power of Choice for all talented folks across the globe is here.

Power of Choice

Global talent pool is growing every year and it is fascinating to see the trends in this area. According to this report from OECD, the number of tertiary educated young people between the age of 25 and 34 in OECD and G20 countries has grown nearly 45% in the past decade. The report also mentions that G20 countries like Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia and South Africa were the main drivers of the global growth in the last decade. Another major highlight of this report is the distribution of talent according to the field. It is estimated that by 2030, China and India will account for more than 60% of the OECD and G20 graduates in fields of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

The amount of upcoming talent is really astonishing and is good for the industries which are on the lookout of such global skill sets. Meanwhile, some factors that is alarming for this global talent is the lack of opportunities and unemployment rates across the globe. One of the most common piece of news which you can easily find in any publication is the lay-offs which every major corporation across the globe is carrying out. That is not a good sign for any talent anywhere in this world.

According to MRINetwork, unemployment rates exists across the globe in varied degrees and while the situation improved across Africa, Middle East and Europe, others were not witnessing improvements. Some key notable points were:

  • Eurozone’s unemployment rate stood at 10.9 % while South Africa is struggling
  • Japan’s unemployment rate fell from 3.4 percent in June to 3.3 percent in July
  • Brazil’s unemployment rate was also on the rise, climbing to 8.3%
  • The U.S. reported unemployment rate drop to 5.1 percent in August.

These are not welcoming signs for the talent across the globe and these challenges needs to be tackled at the right time. Global talent doesn’t have the liberty to choose their area of interest and pursue a career in that. This trend is detrimental to every country’s growth and future.

So we did our fair bit of research on solutions for these challenges. One of the solutions we could observe from various citations was sharing economy or collaborative economy. Collaborative or sharing economy has the potential to help millions of talented folks across the globe tackle their challenges pertaining to utilization of their knowledge and skills.

So, here we are, at QuantumFly, offering POWER OF CHOICE to all the talent across the globe. We believe this power has the potential to change lives of millions of talented folks around the world.

What is this POWER OF CHOICE?

At QuantumFly, every talent will be offered power to choose how to leverage their talent or skills or knowledge in 8 specialized ways. These 8 different ways ensure effective utilization of skills, professional growth and financial emoluments for every talented person.

Let’s have a look at these 8 unique ways to leverage one’s talent:

  1. Coaching: Will allow talented folks to leverage their knowledge and experience to become mentors to folks who are in need of them. Mentoring will help them draw their experience in helping others who needs advice and guidance.
  2. Speaking: Will allow talent across the globe to utilize their knowledge to become a speaker in front of an audience who are waiting to grasp their wisdom. Speakers are of huge demand in today’s world and knowledgeable folks can make use of this opportunity.
  3. Training: There is a huge amount of personnel around the world who are on the looking for avenues to upgrade their skills- be it through knowledgeable individuals or specialized institutions. This is the perfect opportunity for talented folks to leverage their experience and knowledge to impart knowledge to others via training.
  4. Consulting: In today’s business world, every organization including startups understand the fact that they cannot have all the talent they require on their payroll. They engage with consultants with relevant skills to match the missing piece of talent. So any talented individual can utilize this opportunity of making use of their knowledge and skills as a consultant.
  5. Researching: Today’s world is driven by data and every decision or innovation is backed up by it. Whether it be a new startup with a new innovative product or a new breakthrough drug or even an economic reform, all are based on data which validates its importance. One can easily leverage own researching skills to become a researcher for all those firms or individuals looking out for that support.
  6. Publishing: There is a huge demand for content development nowadays. Every individual and business is looking out for developing their own content and publish it. Talented folks can help them with their skills to develop their content like white papers, publications etc.
  7. Innovating: This is the era of innovation and entrepreneurship. Every country across the globe is buzzing with new ventures coming up with latest innovations. If you have the necessary knowledge and talent to bring up a new innovation, this is the RIGHT time.
  8. Resourcing: There is a huge gap in demand and supply of specialized talent across the globe. There is a need for talent existing in various areas of the business world. One can leverage own knowledge and skills to utilize this opportunity to build their career and future.

 This 8 choices can help all the talent across the globe to leverage their skills in the best possible manner and reap benefits.

We have put together an infographic for depicting our POWER OF CHOICE which you can download here.

OK understood. What next?

You should exercise your POWER OF CHOICE easily. Confused how?

QuantumFly can help. QuantumFly is world’s 1st specialized sharing economy model knowledge sourcing platform for talented individuals across the globe. It will help you leverage your talent utilizing the choices we discussed above.

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Why the sharing economy is a blessing for entrepreneurs?


The concepts of sharing economy and collaborative consumption have taken the entrepreneurial world by storm in the past few years. There are huge developments happening in this area, and the number of startups popping up under this umbrella is increasing day by day. According to this report, there are 17 billion dollar companies with 60,000 employees and $15 billion in funding in this space.

Amazing, isn’t it?

As we are working in this space, our research and studies continue on this fascinating collaborative way of working. As per our analysis, the sharing economy is a strong force which can benefit different types of entities, like working professionals (read our blog article), entrepreneurs, investors, academicians, students, job-seekers and retirees.

In this blog article, we are focusing on entrepreneurs (and startups) as one of those groups which can benefit immensely from this collaborative space. Even though there is a huge increase in the number of entrepreneurs coming up with new ideas and ventures, many of them are faced with some challenges in today’s world. Let’s have a look at the challenges:

Access to the RIGHT mentors: This is one of the most common challenges or dilemmas faced by every entrepreneur while setting on their journey. The right mentor can help an entrepreneur with various things during the beginning of their journey- like validating the business idea, finding the right resources, gathering all the right sources of information etc. A mentor is someone who can draw upon their experience and bring valuable insights to the mentee. But getting access to such mentors is a challenge for most of the entrepreneurs. Finding them is the toughest task to start with, and connecting with them and establishing a relationship are also not easy to accomplish.

Access to QUALITY talent: Most of the entrepreneurs start out in a bootstrapped mode unless you have heaps of cash when you start out. One of the main challenges faced by entrepreneurs or startups is access to quality talent or resources while they are bootstrapping. Quality talent with the necessary experience comes at a price which may or may not be suitable for them. So it poses a big dilemma in the minds of most of the entrepreneurs.

Access to the RIGHT funders: Most of the entrepreneurs come up with great business ideas, develop a prototype, and then are faced by the biggest challenge of funding to take their idea to next level. Funding often determines the success or failure of great innovative business ideas. But finding the right funding sources is one of the topmost challenges for any entrepreneur today.

Access to QUALITY services: There are many services which an entrepreneur might need at the setup phase, as well as during the day to day functioning of his/her venture. These can be services like Accounting, HR, Legal, or even an administrative assistant. These functions or services play a crucial role in the smooth functioning and success of every business. But having access to quality service providers for these kind of services is a headache for any entrepreneur.

Access to the RIGHT partners: This is another major challenge faced by entrepreneurs and startups these days. It is the age of collaboration in the business world. Every company is looking for opportunities to collaborate with other businesses to develop innovative products and gain market share. But it is very difficult for entrepreneurs and startups to identify the right partners for collaboration in today’s scenario.

So how can the sharing economy become a blessing for entrepreneurs/ startups to address all these challenges?

First let’s understand what the sharing economy is.

According to Investopedia, It is an economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. The sharing economy model is most likely to be used when the price of a particular asset is high and the asset is not fully utilized all the time.

The sharing economy can help entrepreneurs by:

Providing avenues to find the RIGHT mentors for them. Once the right mentors are available, it is much easier to connect with them and acquire their advice. These mentors can make a lot of things easier and smooth for entrepreneurs. They can come from diverse backgrounds with vast experience, and they will be more than happy to help businesses.

Providing avenues to find the RIGHT talent for them. In the sharing economy, it is much easier to find talent who are experts in their area available for consulting. These talented folks will be the right candidates who can engage with your startup and provide the necessary value at the right time. And they might prove economical compared to hiring a full-time resource on your payroll.

Providing avenues to find the RIGHT funders for them. It is much easier to find the right funding source for your venture with the sharing economy. Funders who are looking for the right product ideas to invest in can be easily identified. This simplifies the entire process of getting investment for entrepreneurs.

Providing access to the RIGHT services at the right time. Finding the right service providers, whenever needed, is much easier now. These are talented folks who possess the right talent for handling your requirements. So now it is easier to get those services at much economical manner.

Providing access to the RIGHT partners for collaboration. With the sharing economy, it is much easier for entrepreneurs or startups to discover partners for collaboration from across the globe. This will help them bring out their innovation as easily as possible.

So as an entrepreneur or a startup, you must be feeling optimistic to see the benefits which the sharing economy brings to you. But, you must also be curious about where to find all the above-mentioned solutions for your challenges.

We present to you our new startup, QuantumFly, world’s 1st specialized knowledge sourcing platform for talent across the globe. One can leverage their knowledge at QuantumFly using 8 distinct offerings- Consulting, Coaching, Training, Resourcing, Speaking, Researching, Publishing and Innovating.

QuantumFly will allow entrepreneurs to leverage their knowledge, as well as find right mentors, funders, talent, service providers and much more. Exciting, isn’t it?

Please visit and learn more about the exciting journey ahead. We will be coming to your laptop, desktop, smartphones, and tablets soon. Meanwhile follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Slide Share, LinkedIn, Google Plus and even this blog.

How can sharing economy become a boon for working professionals?


“Sharing economy” is a buzzword these days across the globe. There are lots of startups and ventures popping up in this particular area, and it is one of the most exciting fields to observe.

While there has been a lot of activity in the sharing economy space related to physical assets like houses and cars, there has not been as much focus on intellectual assets in this area, and how working professionals can benefit from the sharing economy.

In fact, one of the most important groups of stakeholders who can benefit from sharing economy model is Working Professionals.

Why? Working Professionals across the globe, irrespective of their location and experience, face a number of challenges, which hinder their future prospects. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Income Growth: Steady growth of income is one of the major challenges faced by working professionals these days. Every working professional across the globe faces this challenge, and it’s an alarming one. This segment of the population depends heavily on annual raises and bonuses, so a steady improvement in these numbers will improve their prospects. But the reality is often the opposite. For example, according to a report, working professionals in the US are expected to receive raises averaging at 3% in 2015. With the inflation rampant across globe, this kind of increase in salaries is daunting for working professionals.
  • Job Security: If you glance through any newspapers or career journals these days, it is very easy to stumble upon news regarding layoffs happening across the globe. It is a very uncertain time to be a member of the working community in any part of the world. As per a recent expert analysis, the US could go into recession in 2015. This can be alarming for working professionals, and this uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges faced by them.
  • New Career Opportunities: Any working professional has to be on their toes to search and find new career opportunities to advance in their field. This requires lots of time, effort and dedication from every professional. This is the only way for them to safeguard their future, and be recession proof. But it is a challenge because of the limited amount of time they have to spare, and the efforts they have to put in to finding such opportunities itself is a huge task in itself.
  • Skill Upgrade: One of the most important challenges faced by today’s workforce is the continuous upgrade of their skills required. Today’s workplace’s demands are ever evolving due to the continuous improvement in tools and technologies. Every employee is expected to be on top of the latest technology or tool in their area of expertise. It is time consuming and expensive for every talented working person to stay on top of developments in their field, but it is necessary.
  • Networking: Networking poses another challenge for today’s workforce. It is inevitable to meet the tough demands of today’s job market. Networking with the right personnel helps us to be on top of latest market developments, job opportunities, skill upgrades etc. But connecting with the right network is a challenge in itself.

 So how can the sharing economy help working professionals address all these challenges? 

First let’s understand what the Sharing Economy is.

According to Investopedia, It is an economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. The sharing economy model is most likely to be used when the price of a particular asset is high and the asset is not fully utilized all the time.

The Sharing Economy can help working professionals by:

  • Providing opportunities to utilize their skills and knowledge better outside their jobs. These can be assignments or projects that can be completed without affecting their day jobs. And the best part is these projects can be paid or free. Advantages of these engagements can be monetary benefits, upgrade of skills, or even a new job opportunity. For example, a working professional who has over 10 years of experience in Web Development can utilize his/her skills to consult with a start-up that needs help in setting up their website.
  • Providing avenues to upgrade their skills and become a master of their area of expertise or domain. These opportunities will help working professionals explore areas in their domain which their job may not permit. This will help them become recession proof in their organization. For example, a working professional with vast experience in Outbound Marketing can utilize opportunities to upgrade skills in Inbound Marketing using engagements.
  • Providing prospects with new career opportunities. The engagements which the sharing economy provides can bring in new avenues to find jobs for professionals who are open to change or are looking for opportunities. This is one of the most awesome benefits of the sharing economy- it brings the right opportunities for the right folks. For example, a working professional with experience in application development can do an engagement with a start-up in the same domain and get hired by them.
  • Providing amazing networking opportunities.Engagements available for working professionals via the sharing economy bring vast networking opportunities. That opens up channels of communication with new groups and networks, which otherwise would be very difficult for working folks to find. For example, an experienced engineer from Boston can find networks in India in his area of interest via sharing economy.

So by now, it should be clear  that being a part of this sharing economy revolution as a working professional has a ton of benefits.

And, another question may have popped up in your mind. Where can one find such opportunities using sharing economy?

 Let me introduce our new sharing economy start-up called QuantumFly. It is the world’s 1st specialized knowledge sourcing platform for talent across the globe. One can leverage their knowledge at QuantumFly using 8 distinct offerings- Consulting, Mentoring, Learning, Resourcing, Speaking, Researching, Publishing and Innovating.

Please visit and learn more about the exciting journey ahead. We will be coming to your laptop/desktop/mobile device soon. Meanwhile follow us on TwitterFacebookSlide ShareLinkedInGoogle Plus and even this blog.

Why entrepreneurs and startups should get excited about sharing economy?

Isn’t this the most exciting time to be an entrepreneur who is bringing your startup idea to fruition?

It is really refreshing and thrilling to see the growth in the number of individuals coming up with amazing products and services globally. Based on a recent survey, there are 543,000 startups getting established in the US every month (Read here).

But most of these startups face several challenges in today’s economy. Let’s have a look at some of those challenges which affect most of the startups and entrepreneurs. They come in the form of five types of people, as follows.

1. Masterful Mentors: Every entrepreneur or startup can benefit immensely from a RIGHT mentor at the RIGHT time. Most of the entrepreneurs feel the need for a mentor while setting up their business and also while running the show. Mentors can help entrepreneurs understand the nuances of running a business, and anticipate challenges well in advance so that they can be well prepared to address them. But getting the RIGHT mentors is one of the major challenges for every startup and entrepreneur.

2. Intelligent Investors: Most of the entrepreneurs or innovators have magnificent product or service ideas. They are very clear about the problem which their product/service will address, and even know the correct prospect segment as well. But one of the major obstacles which stand in most entrepreneurs’ way is acquiring the RIGHT funding for kicking off their project. Funding is one of the most crucial factors in the success of every startup or business venture. There are huge numbers of venture capitalists who are investing in new innovative ideas these days. But finding the RIGHT one at the RIGHT time can be an overwhelming task for many startups and entrepreneurs.

3. Talented Team: For every brilliant idea to become successful, quality talent is a MUST to have. Talent is one of the key differentiating factors when it comes to startup success. Talented teams make every startup’s journey to success much smoother and easier. But finding the RIGHT talent, nourishing them and motivating them is one of the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

4. Perfect Partners: Today’s world is a place where collaboration and partnerships are the best ways to succeed. There is a trend observed these days, where companies are collaborating with others, to bring out amazing products/ services to the market. This helps firms to bring in the skillsets they are lacking, and accomplish their goals in a win-win manner. But finding the RIGHT partners for innovation and collaboration is one of the major challenges faced by startups and entrepreneurs.

5. Smart Service-providers: Startups need a variety of services during their setup period for which they cannot afford to hire someone at that time. These include bookkeeping, legal, marketing etc. The best bet is to hire a consultant or part-time resource for getting those tasks done. This will save time, energy and money for entrepreneurs. But finding the right resources for such services can prove a tedious process for many startups and entrepreneurs.

So these are some of the challenges which affect the success of many startups and entrepreneurs. They need to be tackled effectively so that the startup’s goals can be met.

One of the blessings for today’s entrepreneur is the sharing economy model which is developing these days. This holds the key to most of their problems. The sharing economy can give these entrepreneurs access to all the above types of people efficiently and effectively, with the right platform.

You might be thinking- How?

We are about to launch our sharing economy based venture, QuantumFly, which will be a major boost for innovators, entrepreneurs and startups. It will be the world’s 1st specialized knowledge sourcing platform for talented individuals across the globe.

Knowledge sourcing involves acquiring the skill sets, knowledge base and talents which you lack or need from an individual who possesses it. This individual can be from anywhere in the world.  They can be in a fulltime job today or retired or studying for a degree or looking for a job or freelancing. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what they know that is shareable and monetizable.

With a platform like QuantumFly, you can find the mentors, investors, team, partners, and service-providers that you need to make your startup gloriously successful. All on one platform, all in a few minutes.

What is QuantumFly?

QuantumFly is the Uber of professional services worldwide. It is the world’s first multi-domain engagement network enabling true peer-to-peer knowledge sourcing globally. It provides opportunities for talented folks like you to leverage your knowledge via Consulting, Mentoring, Learning, Innovating, Resourcing, Speaking, Publishing and Researching and convert your talents into money.

Here’s the best part. QuantumFly is the first sharing economy platform that offers revenue sharing to its members.  You can make bank off the engagements delivered by the people you bring into the network. It is an amazing way to make mailbox money – just go to your mailbox every month and pick up your check.

I am not kidding. Don’t wait. Start leveraging your talent and those of your colleagues at

Your best asset for today’s sharing economy- Your Knowledge

Knowledge The sharing economy is proving to be a huge driver of economic growth and productivity across the globe, by allowing many of us to use our assets and leverage them to our benefit financially. There are several ventures across the globe operating in the sharing economy business model. Our most favorite ones are Uber and Airbnb. They have allowed millions of people to leverage their existing homes and cars to make money for themselves, and to make lives much easier for others. But what if you don’t have an inactive asset like a home or a car to leverage, and you want to enhance your income? How do you participate in the sharing economy? Your best asset which you can leverage in today’s sharing economy is your knowledge. You might wonder what do we mean by that? Lets go through some statistics first. According to a 2014 study conducted by Edelman Berland:

  • 53 million people are working as freelancers in the US which is around 34% of the workforce.
  • These freelancers contribute about $715 billion to the economy.
  • Millennials are freelancing more than any other age group.
  • 77% freelancers are of the opinion that better days are coming up for them.
  • 80% of the folks who are employed would like to take on additional engagements besides their regular jobs.

So now you might have got a glimpse of the opportunity which exists for you in this sharing economy. Why is knowledge your BEST asset in this sharing economy?

  • Your knowledge is distinctive and differentiated. Homes and cars may be similar. Experience and expertise is not. There is only one of you. That gives you the chance to stand out in a sea of sameness
  • Your skill sets can be beneficial for several organizations or individuals in multiple industries and sectors of the economy. At any given time, only a small percentage of individuals are looking for a ride or a home to stay in. That is not true for knowledge. The demand is much bigger.
  • Your distribution network for knowledge is global. As an Uber driver or an AirBnB renter, you are restricted to the city in which you have the asset. Not true for knowledge. With today’s global communication platforms, you can be in Timbuktu and offer your services in Tokyo.
  • Your knowledge adds significant value. Read that to mean significant revenue or significant savings. Getting an Uber driver or an Airbnb home may save you $50-$100. If you teach people about digital marketing or consult with companies on automation, you could contribute millions of dollars in revenues or savings.  That means you can charge more for sharing your knowledge than for sharing your car or your home. Much more.
  • You have more pricing flexibility with knowledge than with other assets. If you are a novice speaker, you can do it for free to drive up demand. If you are an experienced consultant in a high impact area, charge $100k. You are not restricted to a set price,as for a home or a drive.
  • Your knowledge is available with you 24/7, and you can utilize it according to your preferences. You can become a virtual consultant or an  in-person one. You can work on weekdays or weekends. And, you can leverage it even when you have a full time job. Try doing that as an Uber driver.
  • Your knowledge’s prospects are limitless. You can utilize your skills to write a book which will benefit millions across the globe. You can develop a product leveraging your talents which will be useful for millions across the world. You can speak, train, consult, mentor – knowledge flows seamlessly through multiple channels. See the BIG picture?

So, your knowledge is the best asset which you can leverage in today’s sharing economy. Thinking about where and how to find opportunities to leverage your knowledge? Welcome to QuantumFly. QuantumFly is the Uber of professional services worldwide. It is the world’s first multi-domain engagement network enabling true peer-to-peer knowledge sourcing globally. It provides opportunity for talented folks like you to leverage your knowledge via Consulting, Mentoring, Learning, Innovating, Resourcing, Speaking, Publishing and Researching and convert your talents into money. Here’s the best part. QuantumFly even lets you monetize your colleagues’ talents. You can make bank off the engagements delivered by the people you bring in to the network. I am not kidding. Don’t wait. Start leveraging your talent, and those of your colleagues at